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The Water Business: Corporations Versus People
Sjollander Holland

256 صفحة | قياس 13x20 سم | الغلاف: Paperback
طبعة 1 |2005| السعر 18.00 $ | ISBN: 9953-14-071-5

Privatization of water supplies began in England in 1989 under Margaret Thatcher; in the next 10 years, nearly £10 billion went in profits to the new water companies. Today, two giant corporations, Veolia and Suez, control 80% of the international private water market and have some 300 million customers. Protests have broken out in country after country - Bolivia, Argentina, Ghana, South Africa - and the water giants are switching to new markets in China, North America and Europe. Meanwhile well over a billion people still lack access to clean water supplies. This book tells the graphic story behind these facts and figures. Drawing on her own interviews with the poor, the experts and the corporate executives in Latin America, Africa and Europe, the author bring us a story much more complicated that simply public or private provision, or innovative mixes of the two. The ultimate question is this: is water a human right or just another tradable commodity?

'There is a vital role for private expertise and resources in providing water services. Unfortunately, if that role is forced down the throats of the potential beneficiaries, they often choke.' - Mike Muller, Director General, Department of Water Affairs, South Africa

'Ann-Christin's book is an important contribution to the debate about water privatisation, which remains mired in controversy. She tackles the major issues and interviews many of the key players. Ms. Holland's book is essential reading for all, especially policy makers.' - David Boys, Public Services International

'This book combines clear language with a deep understanding of the processes of water privatisation. Ann-Cristin Sjölander Holland has done a great job.' - David Hall, Business School, University of Greenwich


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