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آمال وآفاق
نعوم تشومسكي
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الاسلام ومشكلات السياسية
0 صفحة | السعر 12 $

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المسألة اللبنانية نقد وتحليل
اللواء الركن ياسين سويد
336 صفحة | السعر 7 $

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المسألة اللبنانية نقد وتحليل اللواء ياسين سويد دراسة نقدية تحليلية جرىئة وصريحة، للمسألة اللبنانية، صيغة وميثاقًا، وهوية وانتماء، مع بحث عميق ومتوازن في مختلف وجوهها وأبعادها. كتاب يعتمد المصارحة، لا المداهنة، في عرض آراء المؤلف وأفكاره واقتراحاته حول هذه المسألة.
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Imperial Overstretch : George W. Bush and the Hubris of Empire
Roger Burbach, Jim Tarbell
240 صفحة | السعر 18.00 $

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Burbach and Tarbell argue that George W. Bush has fundamentally changed America's place in the world--for the worse. Hijacked by neoconservatives and the petro-military complex, the nation that once broke from an empire is swiftly becoming an empire...
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Europe & the Arab World: Patterns and Prospects for the New Relationship
Samir Amin, Ali El Kenz
160 صفحة | السعر 22.50 $

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Europe and the Arab World focuses on an initiative, originally launched by the European Union in Barcelona, to put its relations with Arab countries of the Mediterranean (and Gulf) regions on a new footing of equality and mutually beneficial cooperation...
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Islam and Liberty: The Historical Misunderstanding
Mohamed Charfi
224 صفحة | السعر 23.50 $

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Mohammed Charfi tackles the central question facing all Arab-Muslim nations: is Islam compatible with contemporary notions of democracy, legality and the State? A century ago, thinkers like Abdoh and Tahar Haddad called for an approach to religion...
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The Saudi Enigma: A History
Pascal Ménoret
256 صفحة | السعر 22.50 $

In the wake of 9/11, Saudi Arabia remains the key US ally in the Arab Middle East, a role secured by its continuing position as the world's largest oil exporter and its ever growing influence in the Muslim world. Yet the country is still very poorly...
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The Water Business: Corporations Versus People
Sjollander Holland
256 صفحة | السعر 18.00 $

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Privatization of water supplies began in England in 1989 under Margaret Thatcher; in the next 10 years, nearly £10 billion went in profits to the new water companies. Today, two giant corporations, Veolia and Suez, control 80% of the international...
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